Update: COVID-19 3.17.2020

Good Afternoon ACS family,

I trust you are all keeping safe during this crazy time. I am contacting you to inform you of a decision that was made by our Superintendent. ACS (along with all other SA Diocesan schools) will be closed through April 3. Beginning on Monday March 23rd, we will begin online classes for all of our students. The format for each grade level may be different but understand that each teacher is working with the same goal in mind and that is to deliver quality instruction in the best manner possible for the time being to their students. During this time if you need to get ahold of the office for anything the best way to do this will be via email. However, if you prefer to call the office you may still do so and leave a message, messages will be forwarded so that they are received as soon as they come in. The staff of ACS will be meeting again later this week to finalize how each class will be conducted and once this has been determined you will receive that information from your child’s teacher. We will also be conducting a book and material pick up on Friday. It will be similar to the breakfast/lunch process that is currently taking place within SAISD. All parents will be required to remain in their vehicles and will simply drive through their designated area at their designated time and the books and or materials will be delivered to you, this is to limit the amount of contact that is taking place. I cannot emphasize enough at this point, that this will, without a doubt, be a learning process for us all. I ask that everyone be understanding and patient as my teachers and I venture into the coming weeks. The schedule for the book pick up is listed below.

Schedule for text book pickup
Friday March 20, 2020

Grade             Place                                         Time
3K                   3k/4k pick up area                     10:00-10:30
4K                   Kinder/1st grade pick up area   10:00-10:30
1st                   Back parking (parish hall)         10:00-10:30
2nd                  3k/4k pick up area                    10:30-11:00
3rd                  Kinder/1st grade pick up area    10:30-11:00
4th                  Front parking (staff parking)       10:00-11:00
5th                 Back parking (parish hall)            10:30-11:00
6th                 Kinder/1st grade pick up area        11:00-11:30
7th                Front parking (staff parking)          11:00-11:30
8th                 Back parking (parish hall)           11:00-11:30

Please remember this will be conducted as a drive through, nobody will be exiting their vehicles. All books and materials will be brought to you as you drive up. You will simply pull through and be given the textbooks.

If your child’s grade is not listed then they will not need to pick up any books.

Gracie Gonzales
Angelo Catholic School
2315 A&M Ave
San Angelo, TX 76904
Phone 325-949-1747
Fax 325-942-1547

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