School Uniforms

In American Catholic schools today, many believe the uniform confronts both issues of class and identity. "The uniform is a statement of what we represent, it identifies a person as a Catholic school student, and it puts everyone on the same page," says Sister June Clare Tracy, OP, Manhattan district superintendent for Catholic elementary schools.
ACS students wear uniforms to identify themselves as Catholic school students and to represent equality. Students have two uniforms: the daily uniform and the Mass uniform. The daily uniform is worn every day, except Friday (which is ACS T-Shirt Day - students may wear the ACS T-Shirt with blue jeans or navy blue bottoms) or All School Mass Day (at this time, the All School Mass is on Wednesdays). Students dress to show respect in the Mass uniform. Students may also be requested to wear the Mass uniform on other days.
Please note the Dress Codes for the 2022-23 school year are below. Please note there is a Dress Code for 3K/4K and a Dress Code for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.
French Toast is the official supplier of ACS student uniforms. French Toast is the official supplier of ACS school uniforms. Use the link below to connect to the ACS dress code pages at French Toast.

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