Tuition Assistance

Tuition Assistance

 The Sacred Heart Cathedral and Holy Angels Parishes contribute to a fund for tuition assistance for students attending Angelo Catholic School. This assistance is given only to Roman Catholic students, whose families are registered and participating in a Catholic parish in San Angelo or the surrounding communities. The amount of funds available is limited, so it is extremely important that Tuition Assistance documents be completed and returned in a timely manner. Tuition Assistance is offered only to Kindergarten through eighth grade students at this time.

  There are two distinct and separate applications required for requesting tuition assistance:

  • The form below (ACS TUITION ASSISTANCE FORM), which must be printed or requested from the ACS office and completed and returned to the ACS Office no later than April 30, 2022. The Tuition Assistance Committee will forward this form to your pastor to verify your registration and participation in the parish in which you are registered. Failure to answer all items on this form may result in tuition assistance being denied.
  • The FACTS Grant and Aid Application, which is to be completed online at Please note, you may click the link below. Please take care to include the name and grade of each child for whom you are requesting assistance in Section 2. Though the application is online, you will be required to mail or fax the supporting documents (tax records, etc.) to the address supplied by FACTS. It is your responsibility to ensure that the supporting documents are received by FACTS by April 30, 2022  Failure to submit or ensure the receipt of the supporting documents will result in the Tuition Assistance Committee not being able to approve any tuition assistance for your child.


Special attention regarding non-taxable income: In the “Nontaxable Income” section in the FACTS Grant and Aid Application, under the section “Other non-taxable income,” you must include any Housing Allowance and Subsistence Allowance you may receive from your employer. This section also applies to any families where the parent/guardian is on active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States and receives a housing allowance and subsistence allowance. Failure to report this nontaxable income on the application may result in the Tuition Assistance Committee not being able to approve any tuition assistance for your child.

The Tuition Assistance Committee usually meets in mid to late May, so tuition assistance letters can go out as soon as possible. Should you receive a letter, consult with Mrs. Elizabeth Mata quickly, so adjustments can be made to your payment plan.
1. To apply for tuition assistance, all families must complete the FACTS Grant and Aid application online (Admissions/Tuition Assistance), AND print, complete, and return the Tuition Assistance Form to the school office by April 30, 2022. PLEASE NOTE: All deadlines MUST be met.
2. The Tuition Assistance Committee meets in May; therefore, the sooner NEW families can complete the information, the better. However, families registering later may still apply.

Please click to complete the Online FACTS Tuition Assistance Application