School Supplies Order

Angelo Catholic School, as a service to our families, is offering pre-packaged school supplies for the 2019-2020 school year.  Please order by returning the form to Angelo Catholic School by Friday, July 12. 

The Harcourt Outlines flyer reads that payment is due along with order. You do not have to submit a payment with your order. We can charge through FACTS so payment will not be due until August 20th. You must have a FACTS account established. Payment will be automatically drafted on August 20 or you can make a payment in the office.

If you choose to order online, you will need to pay when you order.

I have attached the order form. It is also posted on our website.

***Note: Backpacks for 3K-8th are not included on the school supply bundle.

Beach Towel, Change of Clothes, Pillow for 3K-4K are not included in the school supply bundle.

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